GitHub Actions

Set up GitHub Actions

  1. Create the necessary directories in your project

    mkdir -p .github/workflows
  2. Create the new workflow file

    touch .github/workflows/ci.yml
  3. Populate the workflow file with one of the starter workflows

  4. (Optional) Create a badge in your readme

    Follow this pattern:

    • Replace USER and REPOSITORY as necessary
    • Replace WORKFLOW_NAME with the exact value you used for name in the workflow file, e.g. CI
      • Note that this is case-sensitive



Skip CI

Add [skip ci] to the commit message


Run an executable file in the repo

Prefix it with ./, e.g.

- name: Build
  run: ./

Run multiple commands in a step

Use a pipe, e.g.

run: |
  unzip epubcheck-${EPUBCHECK_VERSION}.zip