Install Ubuntu/Xubuntu

Basic installation

  1. Back everything up

  2. Download Ubuntu

    Note: For the best experience, download the latest LTS version

    • In most cases you’ll want to download Ubuntu

    • If you’re looking for a more lightweight alternative for an older computer you may want to instead download Xubuntu

  3. Create the installation media

  4. Install Ubuntu/Xubuntu

Advanced installation

  1. Boot to the BIOS and disable Secure Boot

  2. If it has Windows installed, boot the install media and select Try Ubuntu (instead of Install Ubuntu)

    1. Open GParted, and delete all the partitions

    2. Then start the install

  3. Updates and other software

    1. Select Minimal installation

    2. Check Download updates while installing Ubuntu

    3. Check Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware and additional media formats

  4. Installation Type

    1. Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu

    2. To enable encryption

      1. Click Advanced features

      2. Select Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation

      3. Check Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security > OK

  5. (Optional) Resize the swap partition

    Ubuntu may create a swap partition of only 1 GB, which isn’t really enough if you want to use hibernate and seems a bit undersized in general

    1. Once the installation has finished, click Continue Testing

    2. Resize the swap partition

      • If you’re using LVM

        1. Open a terminal window

        2. Reduce the size of the primary partition, e.g.

          (These examples will increase the swap partition to 32 GB)

          sudo lvreduce --resizefs -L 32G /dev/vgubuntu/root
        3. Increase the size of the swap. e.g.

          sudo lvextend -L 32G /dev/vgubuntu/swap_1
        4. Increase the size of the primary partition to use the remaining available free space

          sudo lvextend --resizefs -l +100%FREE /dev/vgubuntu/root
        5. Format the swap partition

          sudo mkswap /dev/vgubuntu/swap_1
      • If you’re not using LVM, resize the swap partition using GParted

    3. Reboot