3DS tools


Extract NCCH (content) from CIA

ctrtool --contents=contents /path/to/file.cia
mv contents.* ncch.bin

Extract NCCH

3dstool -xtf cxi ncch.bin --header header.bin --exh exheader.bin --exefs exefs.bin --logo logo.bin --romfs romfs.bin

Extract RomFS

3dstool -xtf romfs romfs.bin --romfs-dir romfs/

Extract code, icon from ExeFS

3dstool -xtf exefs exefs.bin --exefs-dir exefs/


Create RomFS file

3dstool -ctf romfs romfs.bin --romfs-dir romfs/

Make NCCH from the ELF plus RomFS file

makerom -f ncch -o ncch.bin -elf file.elf -romfs romfs.bin -rsf file.rsf

Make CIA from NCCH

makerom -f cia -o file.cia -content ncch.bin:0:0



Download and install the latest .cia (or .3dsx) from https://github.com/mtheall/ftpd/releases


  1. Make sure wifi is enabled on the 3DS

  2. Start ftpd

Connecting from Gnome file browser

  1. Make sure ftpd is running

    The FTP address will be displayed on the screen

  2. Click Other Locations in the lower left

  3. Connect to Server: type in the FTP address

    ⚠ Make sure to add the port as well (typically 5000), e.g.

    • If you get this error: No route to host

      Open a terminal and ping the 3DS, e.g. ping -c 1