Brother HL-L2360DW printer

Access web interface

  1. In the DHCP list of the wireless router, get the IP of the device starting with BRWD

  2. Type the IP address into the browser


    Note: If the web interface is inaccessible, try restarting the wireless router

Upgrade firmware through the web interface

  1. Go to the web interface for the printer (see above)

  2. Go to Administrator > Firmware Update > Check for new firmware

  3. If a new version is available, click Update

Note: If for some reason the firmware update doesn’t work, you can also manually update it by going to the vendor’s site and downloading the firmware update tool. However, this seems to only be available for Windows.


Printer not showing up in Ubuntu

  1. Restart the wireless router

PDFs take a very long time to print

This seems to happen for certain PDFs. They should eventually print but it may take a very long time.