Inkscape/SVG tutorials

Draw a rectangle/circle

  1. Select either the button to create a rectangle or a circle
  2. Click on a color at the bottom for the fill color
  3. Find a color for the stroke (the edges) and right-click > Set stroke

Set stroke (outline) width

Right-click the object > Fill and Stroke > Stroke style > Width

Get the size of an object/resize it

  1. Click the Select button
  2. The object’s dimensions will be at the top of the screen. They can be changed to resize it.
  3. To lock the aspect ratio when resizing, click the lock at the top of the screen or hold down the Ctrl key and resize the image using the arrows around it.

Group objects so they can be moved together

  1. Drag a box around the objects to group
  2. Object > Group

Center objects within the page

  1. First, resize the page as desired File > Document Properties > Custom size
  2. Drag a box around the objects to center
  3. Object > Align and Distribute
  4. Check Treat selection as group
  5. Click Center on vertical axis and/or Center on horizontal axis

Resize document to fit image

File > Document Properties > expand Resize page to content > Resize page to drawing or selection

Change the background transparency

  1. File > Document Properties > Page

  2. Click to the right of Background

  3. In the RGB tab change the alpha channel (A) as desired

    • 0: fully transparent
    • 1: fully opaque

Convert an SVG to a PNG file

inkscape -z -e test.png -w 1024 -h 1024 test.svg

Clean up/optimize SVG files

Helpful options:

  • Always:
    • Enable Multipass
  • For better display on websites:
    • Enable Prefer viewBox to width/height
  • If you wish to be able to edit the SVG later:
    • Enable Prettify code
    • Disable Merge paths